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World Immunisation Week 2019

World Immunisation Week 2019

The World Health Organisation is launching World Immunisation Week (24 - 30 April) to promote the crucial role of vaccines in preventing serious diseases and protecting life.

The first 1000 days of life, from conception to age two, are now recognised as a critical period in which the future health and social outcomes for a child may be affected. A child’s health and development may be influenced during this time by parental choices regarding health; including whether or not a child is vaccinated.

In support of this campaign, Healthy Peterborough are launching a local social media awareness campaign, #VaccinesWork, to promote the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations and to encourage parents and carers to check their personal health record (red book), make sure their child is up to date with their vaccinations and make an appointment with their GP for any missed vaccinations.

For further information, please read how Childhood imms protects against 17 vaccine preventable diseases.

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