Healthy Peterborough

Active Travel

We all rely on cars and public transport, because they make our lives so easy.  

Choosing more active ways to get around is a fun and easy way to fit more activity into your daily routine.  It can take a little longer and you may not be able to do it for all your journeys, but you may be surprised where you can swap the car or public transport for two legs or two wheels.  

Also, walking or cycling instead of can also be good for your pocket, as well as the environment. 

The Peterborough Green Wheel offers 45 miles of on-road and traffic-free cycle paths in and around the city to help you find alternative ways of getting to and from work, taking the school run or leisurely rides. Find out more at Travelchoice.  They can also do you a personalised travel plan.

Sustrans have great advice on how to start cycling to work, and you can even get a new commuting bike without having to pay up front through the cycle to work scheme.

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