Healthy Peterborough

Pedal yourself to a healthier lifestyle

There are over 250km of cycle lanes and paths in Peterborough making cycling safe, accessible and enjoyable for the whole family. Whether you are taking leisurely rides on the Green Wheel or using our primary cycle network to reach your school or place of work, this city loves cyclists. 

Dust off your saddle and get on your bike for an easy and low impact activity, whilst improving your fitness and reducing your stress levels.

  • A cycle ride of fifteen minutes to work or the shops and back meets the recommendation for an adult’s daily activity

  • On average, cyclists live two years longer than non-cyclists and are as fit as an average person ten years younger

  • Too dangerous to cycle? Being inactive presents a much greater risk than non-cycling, with 50,000 people dying in the UK each year due to coronary heart disease related to insufficient physical activity

  • From gentle exercise to serious sport, cycling burns off calories, raises your metabolic rate and helps you to feel and look a whole lot healthier

  • Cycling firms your thighs and bottom and can even help tone your stomach muscles

As well as being good for your health you will also save money and the environment.

View Travelchoice's Get Cycling booklet for advice on cycling around Peterborough. 

For cycle routes, download Peterborough's urban cycle map and rural cycle map or try out a scenic cycle leisure routesNene Park Loop, Nassaburgh Trail, John Clare Country, Crown Lake Link and Celtic Causeway.

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