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Benefits of exercise

The more you sit, the weaker and more frail you become.  See below for problems you can reduce the risk of avoiding with exercise.

Problem I have or
want to avoid
Exercise can help because What you will notice

No energy
Short of breath

Improves stamina and muscle power.
Removes waste quicker Stimulates circulation to all organs including the brain.
Lose weight.

It is easier to move from place to place.
Feel less sluggish.
More energy for day-to-day activities.

High Blood, Pressure Heart attack, Heart disease, Stroke

Helps lower cholesterol level, stress hormones and muscle tension.
Helps lower blood pressure.
Keeps the heart muscle strong.
Aids circulation and helps blood and body fluids to move.

Feel better, more energetic.
Feel less dizzy.
Prevents ankle swelling, blood clots, leg ulcers and foot pain.


Burns more calories and replaces inactive fat with muscle. 
Increases muscle mass.

Muscles burn calories even when you sleep, so losing weight and keeping it down is easier.


Swollen feet The movement of muscles massages veins so blood and fluids return from the feet.

Reduces swollen ankles and feet. 
Walking becomes easier.

Osteoporosis Muscle pulling on bone stimulates bone growth, making bones stronger and less likely to break. Standing or weight bearing for 4 hours a day helps

Less likely to break a bone if you fall.
Less pain.
Better posture helps prevent falls.


Stronger muscles help to hole the joints in correct position so there is less wear and tear on them.
Moving joints helps to 'nourish' them and keeps a good range of movement.

Less wear and tear on joints means less pain.
You will be able to keep doing things for yourself - wash hair, do up buttons, put own shoes one, walk more easily and safely.

Cancer: Breast, Colon, Prostate

Burns fat, which stores carcinogens.
Gets ride of waste quicker.

More regular bowel movement.
Feel more comfortable in the abdomen.
Burning fat helps to lose weight.

Kidney Disease

Lowers blood pressure and blood sugars so less risk to kidneys.
Being upright helps kidneys to drain.
Stimulates circulation and thirst.
Removes body waste and drug “left overs”

Kidney infections can cause backache and a general feeling of lethargy.
Will feel thirsty, improving fluid intake, increased urine flow, flushing kidneys and decreasing the chance of stagnation, infections and stones.
Feel more lively and energetic

Can’t Sleep at night
Night visits to the loo

Using the body during the day will help muscles relax and rest at night.
Helps fluid circulate from legs to kidneys during the day rather than at night.

Getting a better night’s sleep will aid restful sleep, helping you to feel more alert and energetic on waking.

Constipation, Bloating


Stimulates circulation and colon activity.
Decreases need for medicines.

Feel more energetic. 
Feel more comfortable.
Less wind to deal with.


Don’t like the way I look

Exercise releases endorphins, “feel good” chemicals in the brain which help you to feel cheerful and positive.
Lose weight.
Tone up muscles.

Release of endorphins helps you to feel happy and alert.
May not need medicines or so many.
Toning the body and losing weight will make you look better, clothes fit better.
Improving self-esteem.

 Low back pain

Improves abdominal muscle tone.
Improves posture.
Prevents constipation and bloating which stresses muscles causing pain.

Better posture and good abdominal muscles will help prevent back pain and make you feel better about yourself.
Good posture helps in preventing trips and falls.

 Urinary incontinence

Stimulates muscle tone and thirst, which stimulates urine flow.
Stronger deep abdominal muscles will also mean stronger pelvic floor muscles.
Drinking more will stop dehydration which causes headaches and lethargy.
Moving easier so no delay in toileting, will prevent infection and overfilling.

The deep abdominal muscles work together with the pelvic floor muscle which will make it easier to control the urge to urinate.
Less fear of accidents happening. 
Less headaches, feel more energetic.


Exercise increases strength, flexibility and balance.
Encourages better posture and body alignment.
Decreases wear and tear.
Decreases chance of falls and injury.


More confident to move about.
Less pain if muscles are stronger.
Everyday tasks become easier and therefore less tiring, so more energy and “verve”.


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