Sept-Oct 2017

Healthy Peterborough

Winter & Summer health

  • Keep colds at bay

    Colds and flu share some of the same symptoms (cough, sore throat), but are caused by different viruses

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  • Keep warm this winter

    Cold homes have a significant impact on people's health. One of the best ways of keeping yourself well during winter is to stay warm.

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  • Protect yourself from flu

    This article explains how you can help protect yourself and your children against flu this coming winter, and why it’s very important that people who are at increased risk from flu have their free flu vaccination every year.

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  • Cold winters bad for your health

    If you are an older person, a young child or have an ongoing health problem, cold winter weather can be bad for your health.

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  • Hayfever

    Hay fever is a common allergic condition that affects up to one in five people at some point in their life.

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  • Sunscreen and sun safety

    Advice for adults and children on sunscreen and sun safety in the UK and abroad.

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  • Hot weather: how to cope

    With temperatures rising follow this advice to ensure you and your family are properly protected.

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